Case Studies


Jungle Brew

Jungle Brew is a London-based cold brew coffee startup. Designed with positive impact at its core, Jungle Brew engaged Ground Up Impact (GUI) to translate its environmental and social goals into tangible business strategies.


GUI developed Jungle Brew’s dynamic financial model for company-wide operations, including the following components and capabilities:

  • Sources and uses of capital, including breakdowns of equity and debt

  • Critical input assumptions

  • Operating pro forma and financial projections

  • Scenario-testing functionality and sensitivity analyses

Source: Jungle Brew

Source: Jungle Brew


Sustainability Strategy & Business Operations

In close collaboration with the Jungle Brew team, GUI developed the company’s overarching sustainability strategy in tandem with its business goals, testing both standard and ambitious concepts. This deep-dive focused on the following areas:

  • Competitive market analyses with a special emphasis on social and environmental impact, spotlighting areas for Jungle Brew to out-impact its competitors

  • Business cases for/against sustainability to understand what returns/costs were associated with infusing sustainability in core company cash flows, all while balancing demonstrated customer needs

  • Circular business model analyses to incentivize customer reuse of coffee mugs, on top of Jungle Brew’s original take-away business model

  • Direct-sourcing opportunities to more visibly see the impacts of Jungle Brew’s purchasing decisions and develop symbiotic relationships with farmers

  • Product end-of-life strategies to minimize the environmental impacts of Jungle Brew’s take-away cups

  • Branding opportunities to infuse sustainability into Jungle Brew’s brand identity, purpose, and design

Jay also interviewed Jungle Brew’s founder, Ross Chanowski, to spotlight his approach to impact entrepreneurship.

Jungle Brew launches this summer in London and hopes to expand internationally in the near future. Learn more about Jungle Brew here.