Impact Methodology


We know the status quo won’t cut it.

In an age of changing climates, shifting consumer preferences, and rapid technological growth, it’s clear that the business models we’ve relied upon for decades are no longer sufficient. Companies must design for these changes throughout their core operations to thrive.

We define impact in quantifiable terms.

We’re pros at defining ambiguous topics within sustainability. It comes from extensive research into all angles of a particular sector, with special emphasis on the following components:

  • Defining major players within the sector and their associated economic and environmental footprints

  • Identifying historical barriers to environmental and social sustainability

  • Analyzing current trends in the sector to identify market opportunities

In-depth research into these components allow us to identify the correct metrics to define our impact. It sounds simple, but it’s hugely important. We’re not here for glamor; we consciously avoid vanity metrics to keep our attention laser-focused on the most impactful goals for each unique project.

Opportunities for impact abound.

Think about it. If business as usual won’t cut it, that means every aspect of the businesses we’re accustomed to need to be completely redesigned for resiliency, and as a result, positive impact.

The most exciting part? These opportunities are by no means limited to massive corporations with global footprints.

All it takes is one catalyst to change the game. Let’s make that catalyst yours.