“When Jay speaks, people listen.”

Jay has over ten years’ experience in public speaking and presentation delivery. He brings a compelling story to the table: after his award-winning Sustainability Defined podcast took off, Jay decided to quit his corporate job and travel the world, exposing himself to new sustainability models across Europe. Jay combines his natural wit with his diverse background, making him the perfect speaker for a range of sustainability topics. Sample keynotes include (but of course are not limited to):

  • “Identifying New Market Opportunities in the Ever-Ambiguous Field of Sustainability”

  • “Three New Lenses on Existing Buildings: How the Most Sustainable Structure Is the One We Already Have”

  • “Transforming Your Sustainability Passion into Your Profession”

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Thanks again for making the trip to GreenCon 2018 and for all of the effort you put into creating that creative and funny presentation on existing buildings! We gave you such a dry topic, and you so masterfully made it interesting.
— Heidi Kunka, Director, US Green Building Council, Central PA