Happy Clients

Ground Up Impact is phenomenal. Jay is super helpful and created a financial model for our business (Karma Party) which allows us to visualize our inputs and outputs for optimal profits. This model has helped us in our legal department and communicating with partner companies, and will no doubt be of great benefit moving forward. Honestly, it feels like Jay gets our vision on a deep level (which is pretty unique) and is really easy to dialogue with - plus he charges really reasonable rates. I often share his excellent work and recommend him to similar young and exciting ethical ventures I have the pleasure of connecting with. We’re super grateful for Ground Up Impact and excited to continue collaborating with them in the future!
— Leaht Feldman, Founder, Karma Party
As an advisor to Jungle, Jay’s unique experience in rigorous research and analysis was uniquely valuable. He pairs his passion for sustainable practices with a keen eye towards the financial outcomes of those practices. His credibility through his previous work in both the financial and environmentally focused spaces helped us to refine Jungle’s Intrinsic Impact thinking. Jay is a positive person who brings that character to his work.
— Ross Chanowski, CEO, Jungle Ventures Limited
Before contacting Jay, I was struggling to take any action towards a career with a focus on sustainability because I didn’t know where to start. After reaching out to him he immediately took interest in my situation. His passion and knowledge for sustainability were evident throughout our conversations where he helped me map out a plan to take that first step towards being an active participant in a more sustainable future.
— Landon Martin, Aspiring Impactor